AEMC 6609

Aemc 6609 phase & motor rotation meter

Aemc 6609 phase & motor rotation meter
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Primo number :AE212111
Brand :AEMC
Brand number :6609

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AEMC PHASE & MOTOR ROTATION METER MODEL 6609 . Phase and motor rotation indicators . Color-coded leads (red, black, blue) and alligator clips (black) . Simple operation . 600V CAT III rated and CE Mark The Phase Rotation Meter Model 6609 is a compact and rugged meter designed to identify phase rotation on 3-Phase systems and identify live and open/de-energized phases. Ideal for installing rotating machinery or motors, and for checking generator output. The Model 6609 is also an ideal tool for measuring the proper rotation of motors, conveyors, pumps and other electrical devices interconnected on the power line system before installation where direction of rotation is dependent on proper phase hook-up. Applications . Verify proper phase wiring . Detect open or de-energized phases . Determine correct wiring for proper rotation on motors, pumps, etc.

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