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Brand number :438-II/BASIC

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Motor and Power Quality Analyzer Fluke 438-II *** This model does not include the Thin Flexi Current Clamps and Combination Wifi/SD Card *** The new Fluke-438-II Power Quality and Motor Analysis adds key electric motor mechanical measurements to the Fluke- 430-II Series Power Quality Analyzers. An electric motor converts electrical energy into rotational forces that is used to drive critical industrial rotating machines like pumps, compressors and fans. By analyzing the input power the Fluke-438-II can calculate the mechanical forces transferred to the mechanical load, without having to use an inline force transducer. The new parameters that can be analyzed in addition to the power quality measurements are: - Mechanical Power (HP/ kW) - Torque (lb.ft/ Nm) - Speed (rpm) - Efficiency (%) - Total De-rating Factor (According to NEMA) The Fluke 438-II has the ability to measure and analyze both electrical and mechanical performance of direct, online electric motors simply by monitoring the electrical power supply to the motor. It can provide real time analysis of the motor while in operation and provide users with details of the mechanical and electrical power, torque, speed and efficiency. The instrument can also show the effects of power quality on motors and be used for detailed power quality studies: Mechanical performance, discovering details of mechanical performance is usually difficult and expensive, the Fluke 438-II simplifies this by providing mechanical data by measuring the electrical input power to the motor. More reliability, Comprehensive electrical and mechanical data will help you to optimize motor system reliability to minimize plant downtime and discover potential energy savings. Make better decisions, Access and share measurement screens using Fluke Connect® app so you can maintain safer working distances and make critical decisions in real-time, reducing the need for protective equipment. Quickly and easily understand real time performance with live measurements of complex electrical and mechanical parameters. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keywords: Fluke PQA Tools

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