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TES 52 SOUND LEVEL METER • 0.1 dB resolution • 5 selectable ranges • Maximum hold with elapsed time • Logging function (99 sets) • A & C frequency weightings • Analog AC & DC outputs GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Applicable standards: IEC61672-1 : 2002 Class 2 IEC60651 : 1979 Type 2 ANSI S1.4 : 1983 Type 2 MEASUREMENT FUNCTIONS Main processing functions Simultaneous measurement of all items according to selected time weighting and frequency weighting. Sound level LA or LC Maximum sound level LA max or LC max Minimum sound level LA min or LC min Total range : 26 to 130dB Max. measurement level : 130dB Noise floor A weighting : 26dB or less C weighting : 32dB or less Linearity range : 60dB Reference level range : 60 to 120dB Reference sound pressure level : 94dB Calibration check frequency : 1KHz Level range selection : 6 ranges in 10dB steps 26 to 80dB , 30 to 90dB 40 to 100dB , 50 to 110dB 60 to 120dB , 70 to 130dB Frequency range : Overall characteristics including microphone : 31.5 to 8000Hz Frequency weighting : A, C Time weighting (RMS detection) : Fast, slow Calibration : Calibration using sound calibrator Sampling interval: a.Bar graph indication : 125mS approx. b.Numeric indication : 1 sec approx. Data memory functions: a.Data can be stored in the internal memory. b.Max. 99 data sets for L with elapsed time, Lmax with elapsed time and Lmin with elapsed time con be stored. Microphone : 1/2-inch electret condenser type Display LCD Display screens : 4 digits indication of sound level, 0.1dB resolution. Bar graph indication of current sound level, 1dB resolution. Elapsed time display, 100 hours maximum. Memory and read address display, 99 data sets maximum. Warning indications Over-range indication OV displayed at upper limit of the range Un displayed at lower limit of the range Outputs a.AC output (using selected frequency weighting): Output voltage : 1Vrms (at full-scale of the range) Output impedance : 5K Ohms Load impedance :1M ohms b.DC output Output voltage : 10mV/1dB Output impedance : 5K ohms Load impedance :>= 1M ohms Power requirements: One 9V battery (006P or IEC6F22) Battery life : Approx. 25 hours AC adaptor (option):Current rating (when 9V DC is input) : Approx. 10mA Ambient conditions Operating ambient conditions : -10ºC to +50ºC, 30% to 90%RH non-condensing Storage ambient conditions : -10ºC to +60ºC, <70%RH non-condensing Dimensions : Approx. 264(L)×68(W)×27(H) mm Weight (including battery) : Approx. 260g Optional accessories: tripod BS-6, power supply PS-102 6VDC, 10m microphone extension cable TL-F47B, 5m microphone extension cable TL-F47A, calibrator 1356

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