HT Instruments SOLAR I-Vw

HT-INSTRUMENTS PV single phase certifier & I-V curve checker

HT-INSTRUMENTS PV single phase certifier & I-V curve checker
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Primo number :HTSOLAR I-Vw
Brand :HT Instruments
Brand number :SOLAR I-Vw

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HT-INSTRUMENTS SOLAR I-Vw , PV single phase certifier and I-V curve checker up to 15A -SOLAR I-Vw: use as PV certifier SOLAR I-Vw performs all tests on Single phase PV plants by using of SOLAR-02 remote unit which, after a preliminary synchronisation, save in independent way the values of irradiance and temperature. Only at the end of test the remote unit should be connected via wireless RF with the master to download the recorded data. The saved data can be downloaded to PC also with WiFi connection -SOLAR I-Vw: use as I-V curve checker SOLAR I-Vw allows the on field measurement of I-V curve as well as of the main parameters of a single module and of a whole photovoltaic system up to a maximum of 1000V and 15A. With SOLAR-02 remote unit the irradiance and temperature measured values are shown at display also in independent mode (ideal solution during a pre-test on installation) besides test/recording with SOLAR I-Vw. The HT304N reference cell permits to performs solar irradiance measurements both on PV modules in Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline silicon material Fomctions: -Measurement of output voltage from module/string up to 1000V DC -Measurement of output current from module/string up to 15A DC -128 I-V curve points in Std or Capacitive mode -Measurement Voc-Isc-Pmax-Vmpp-Impp-Fill Factor -Measurement of solar irradiation [W/m2] with reference cell -Measurement of temperature, automatic or by means of probe PT1000 -Measurement of output DC and nominal power from module/string -I-V curve test with direct measurement of Irr/Temp parameters -I-V curve test by using of SOLAR-02 unit -Measurement of the resistance of photovoltaic module series -Mechanical inclinometer for detect correct solar irradiation -Comparison with standard conditions (STC 1000 W/m2, 25°C) -Evaluation of testing result: OK / NO -Management of up to 30 types of PV modules (up to 30.000 upgradeable by software) -DC/AC TRMS Voltage -DC/AC TRMS Current -DC power -AC active power on single-phase systems -Solar irradiation [W/m2] with reference cell -Temperature environmental and module by means of probe PT1000 -Synchronization with remote unit SOLAR-02 -Display of real-time irradiation and temperature -Use of relationship to maximize the DC efficiency -Recording of parameters with programmable IP (5s – 60min) -Internal memory for data saving -Recalling results on the display -Optical/USB port for PC connection -Help on line at display -Internal memory for data saving -Recalling results on the display -Optical/USB port for PC connection -WiFi -Help on line on the display

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