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Brand number :M75

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HT-INSTRUMENTS M75 MULTIFUNCTION INSTALLATION TESTER M75 is an innovative multifunction installation tester which joins DMM, Safety Tester and LAN checker features inside a compact and ergonomic user-friendly structure with an ultra-light weight (800g only!). The DMM is a professional instrument with TRMS measurement of AC/DC voltage, AC Current (through external clamp), Resistance and Frequency. Additional features are MAX/MIN/AVG function, HOLD function and PEAK detection with Response Time of 1ms, useful for surge currents detection. The multifunction installation tester features allow to perform test on electrical plants according to VDE0413. Measurements of Continuity, Insulation, Global Earth value (also with 0.1? resolution), RCDs test, phase sequence indication and phase coincidence (using only one Test Lead even just touching insulated cables or two Test Leads) will be easily performed thanks to this new extremely compact instrument. An innovative function (AUTOTEST) automatically performs main safety checks in the plant (Earth Resistance measurement, RCD Test, Insulation Test) just connecting the instrument to a socket and pressing GO button. The instrument will give you a final response (OK or NOT OK) about the safety of the plant under test. Finally the LAN checker function allows you to check if the wire mapping in a LAN cable is correct or not with easy indications about the detected errors, which will guide you through the troubleshooting. M75 is completed by a modern selector range knob, a large numeric display for easy readings of measurements and a protective rubber holder to prevent accidental damage. Function • Continuity test of protective conductors with 200mA • Insulation Resistance measurement with 500VDC • Trip-out time of RCDs type A, AC Standard • Selectable test current; 30mA, 30x5mA, 100mA, 300mA • RCD Ramp test • Global Earth Resistance without RCD tripping • Global Earth Resistance with 0.1Ohm resolution • Phase sequence indication at 1 or 2 wires • Phase coincidence indication at 1 or 2 wire • Automatic test of global earth resistance + RDC test + Insulation test • Wire mapping test on LAN cables with RJ45 connector • DC Voltage • AC TRMS Voltage • AC TRMS Current with External Clamp • AC TRMS Leakage current with external clamp (optional) • Resistance • Continuity test with buzzer • Frequency with test leads • Frequency with external clamp • MIN/MAX/AVG functions • PEAK function with response time 1ms • HOLD function • Auto Power OFF

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