Megger 247001

Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter, single pak

Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter, single pak
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Primo number :ME247001
Brand :Megger
Brand number :247001

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MEGGER 247001 DLRO® DIGITAL LOW RESISTANCE OHMMETERS SINGLE-PAK, BATTERY-OPERATED (10A) This compact instrument packages measuring circuits, rechargeable batteries and charger in one self-contained unit. Ruggedly built to handle the most demanding field applications, the Single-Pak is housed in a tough Noryl® case with hinged, removable lid and carrying handle. This model also includes captive wing nuts. Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters (DLRO®) are a family of highly accurate instruments that provide a simple, practical and reliable means of making low-resistance tests in the field. They also are ideal for production quality control. They operate on the four-wire measurement principle, thus eliminating lead and contact resistances. With basic accuracies of ±0.25% and resolution down to 0.1 µOhms, they are nonetheless designed to be rugged and portable for use at the job site. A variety of optional test leads and calibration resistance standards are offered for use with DLROs. Applications Operation is simple: just connect the leads, turn the instrument on and read the measurement directly from the digital LED display. No warm-up is required. Typical applications include measuring the resistance of: * Switch and circuit breaker contacts * Transformers and generators * Motor windings * Busbar and other joints * Aircraft, rail and pipe bonds * Cable splices, welds and fuses * Metal alloys * Graphite electrodes and other composites * Wire and cable General-Purpose DLROs: This model specially designed for general-purpose testing applications is available. It provide up to 10 amperes of test current for measuring resistances to 60 ohms with 1µOhms resolution and ±0.25% accuracy.

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