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Primo number :HTHT9022
Brand :HT Instruments
Brand number :HT9022

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HT-INSTRUMENTS HT9022 CLAMP-ON POWER QUALITY ANALYZER w/BLUETOOTH AC/DC true rms Clamp meter with power quality analyzer function and Bluetooth connection with iOS\Android devices - CAT IV HT9022 is a combination of a power quality analyzer, a phase sequence/conformity detector, a clamp meter and a voltage detector in one single handy device. The advanced design of HT9022 ensures reliable and accurate measurements under a wide range of operating conditions. HT9022 is the ideal instrument for troubleshooting power quality problems, calculating power factor correctors, recording energy consumption, recording DC power, etc. Unlike the data loggers that take snapshots of the electrical parameters in regular intervals, losing what happens between an interval and the next, HT9022 continuously records all electrical parameters as a true power quality analyzer. The internal memory enables long-term recording for further download to (and analysis at) a PC, and iOS\Android smartphone via Bluetooth connection. HT9022 is flexible and portable to grant the user the most reliable measurements with an easy-to-use interface Functions o DC, AC + DC TRMS current up to 1000A o DC, AC + DC TRMS voltage up to 1000V o Resistance and continuity test o Frequency with test leads o Frequency with jaws o Phase sequence / 1 wire phase correlation o DC Power o Active, Reactive, Apparent power on Single phase systems o Active, Reactive energy on Single phase systems o Power Factor on Single phase systems o Harmonic voltage/current up to 25th with THD% calculation o Inrush current o Data logger with programmable IP o Autoranging o Backlight o Auto Power OFF o Data HOLD o MAX/MIN/CREST o PC connection via Bluetooth o Connection with iOS\Android devices o CAT IV 600V

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