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LEICA DISTO D8  US-version   REPLACES 764558
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Brand number :DISTO D8

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LEICA DISTO D8 US-version REPLACES 764558 Indirect Pythagoras measurement: -Single Pythagoras measurement Just two measurements are enough to indirectly calculate the horizontal or vertical distances. It is important to ensure the 2nd measurement is at right angles to the target object – easy with minimum measurements. -Double Pythagoras measurement Using a tripod you can measure horizontal and vertical distances. The Leica DISTO™ determines the results for you out of three measurements. Functions such as minimum and maximum measurement help you find the correct measuring point. -Double Pythagoras measurement (chain values) With just three measurements, you can also determine partial heights, e.g. balcony or window heights. This is, of course, possible horizontally and vertically. Indirect measurements with the tilt sensor: -Tilt measurement The tilt sensor of the Leica DISTO™ D5 measures inclinations of up to ± 45° and the DISTO™ D8 has a measuring range of 360°. That means with this device even overhead inclinations can be measured. This is especially interesting when determining roof slopes. -Horizontal distance The tilt measurement allows you to determine the desired horizontal distance, even if the object cannot be directly targeted. This is particularly useful when obstructions like walls or hedges stand in the line of sight. - Height measurement without reflective points Building or tree elevations that don’t provide suitable reflection points can be determined with the dual tilt measurement. Point with the laser to the lower target of the requested height and trigger a distance and tilt measurement. Then direct the digital Pointfinder on the upper target and carry out a tilt easurement. -Roof slope With this function you can, for example, measure a roof slope of a house from long range distances as well. For this you need to carry out two distance measurements, at which the Leica DISTO™ also simultaneously determines the tilt. The final result is automatically calculated from this measurement. -Altitude Profile Measurement Measure a known reference mark with the device and then measure from each of the relevant altitude differences. When the measuring points have all been recorded in one direction you can then determine a cross-country tread with the measured horizontal distance and the height difference. Special functions: -Trapezium function The trapezium function is used to quickly and safely determine roof slopes and frontage areas, for example. You only need to take three measurements, and the result appears on the display. -Trapezium function with tilt sensor If access to the object to be measured is limited and measurements can only be taken from one position, then this is no problem – thanks to the integral tilt sensor. This trapezium function can also be used to quickly and safely determine roof slopes and frontage areas. -Triangle function The triangle function helps you quickly and efficiently to arrive at the area of a multi-cornered room. Divide the room into imaginary triangles. Then use three measurements to determine the areas of each of the triangles, which you can add together as you proceed. Finally all you have to do is read off the result. -Stake Out Function Two different distances (A and B) can be entered in the device and then be used to mark off defined measured lengths. At each measured length, the display shows the current marking distance and a direction arrow. Additionally, an alarm signal starts to ring at a distance of 0,1 m from the next stake out point. -BLUETOOTH® data transfer -Navigation keys for BLUETOOTH® applications

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