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Brand number :LINO L2P5

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LEICA LINO L2P5 CROSSLINE AND 5-POINT LASER The Swiss Army knife of laser leveling tools. •A cross laser and 5-point laser in one tool. The L2P5 projects 4 points, and 2 lines. •A 180° fan angle lets you put it in a corner to layout the whole room. •Use the pendulum lock to shoot an angled line. Crossline lasers are used for level/plumb alignment and point lasers are used for transfers (like from floor to ceiling) and for setting out 90° angles. If you are a multi-tasking tradesman laying out walls one day and running pipe the next, the L2P5 has got you covered. This tool combines the bright lines and 100ft plus range (with the optional RVL 100 receiver) of our L2 with the transfer utility of our P5 point laser. With 180° horizontal and vertical lines, plus four laser points all calibrated to perfect 90° angles, the L2P5 is the Swiss Army knife of laser levels -- one tool for any leveling or point-transfer job. Think of it as a level, chalk line and plumb bob all-in-one. L2P5 Range: up to 50 ft depending on lighting conditions Range with detector: > 100 ft Levelling accuracy @ 5 m: ± 1/16" Self-levelling range: 4° ± 0.5° Accuracy of plumb point @ 16 ft: ± 1/16" Accuracy of horizontal line @ 16 ft: ± 1/16" Vertical accuracy @ 10 ft line length :± 1/32" Number of laser points 4 Number of laser lines 2 Beam direction :vertical, horizontal, up, down, right, left Laser type: 635 nm, laser class II Batteries: type AA 4 × 1.5 V Protection class splash water/ dust proof: IP54 splash water/ dust proof Operating temperature 14°F to 104°F Storage temperature -13°F to 158°F Dimensions (H × D × W) 4.6 x 5.1 x 3.0 in Weight without batteries 13 oz Tripod thread ¼”- 20

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