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ALL-TEST IV PRO WITH 115V CHARGER/ADAPTER Motor circuit analyzer for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting winding and rotor faults in motors: Single and 3-phase AC (for other motor types consult with ATP). The ALL-TEST IV PRO performs automated measurements, performs calculations and comparisons, and gives immediate readings in engineering units. The ALL-TEST IV PRO stores 500 motor tests and has a PC interface. Includes hard sided carrying case, charger, test leads, PC interface cable, and TREND software [requires Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)] for 3-phase motor analysis, trending, and reporting. One year warranty. Features: Easy To Use An automatic test mode is used for most tests. On screen prompts walk you through the test. In just a few minutes, anyone can learn to use it! On The Spot Diagnosis For Troubleshooting ALL-TEST IV PRO™ results are immediately displayed for field evaluation. Our quick reference guide helps you make the call on the spot. Answer the mechanical/electrical question immediately, rule the motor “in” or “out”. Data Collector With Companion Software For PdM The ALL-TEST IV PRO™ has enough memory to store 500 tests (more than a day’s work). Upload test results to your computer, our software provides expert diagnosis, trending, and a wide variety of printed or on screen reports. Convenient–Test From The Motor Control Center Most tests on installed motors are done from the MCC, you can test through over 1000 feet of cable. Even hard to reach motors (overhead cranes, submersible pumps, etc) can be tested quickly and easily. In many cases you do not even need to disconnect from the drive output terminals! No need to test at the motor terminals unless a fault is indicated. Safe For Operators And Equipment All tests are performed on de-energized circuits. Measurement technology is low voltage and current, and completely nondestructive. Regular and repeated testing will not affect the life of the windings. Quickly Evaluates The Entire Motor Circuit A single 2 minute test evaluates the windings, cabling, and connections. Additional tests let you evaluate the rotor, and capacitors, and cabling to pinpoint the fault. Sensitive Detects motor faults at their earliest stages. Even detects conditions such as deteriorating or contaminated insulation. Light Weight And Hand Held The instrument weighs under 2 lbs, is battery powered and handheld. No need to take a cart when you test a motor. And it can test virtually any size motor. Tests All Kinds Of Motors And Coil Based Devices • All types of motors: induction, synchronous, DC, brushless DC, servo, wound rotor, even single phase motors. • All Components: induction windings and rotors, DC shunt and field windings, armatures, Field and rotor coils in synchronous motors. • Transformers: Single and 3-phase, pole and pad mounted. Each ALL-TEST IV PRO includes: Case, Charger, Test Leads, PC Interface Cable, and TREND™ software. ------------------------ Keywords: Motor Maintenance and Verification

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