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Brand number :568-928

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MITUTOYO 568-928 BOREMATIC, DIGIMATIC, .5"CST .275-.5" Price in effect from Sept 2 - Dec 19, 2014. BOREMATIC 568-ABSOLUTE DIGIMATIC SNAP-OPEN BORE GAGES - SERIES 568 The Borematic enables the operator to take measurements more accurately and more quickly than ever before. Once the origin point is set with the ORIGIN button, the Borematic retains the setting for the entire battery life. Therefore no longer repeated origin setting (presetting) is necessary. • TiN-coated measuring contact points provide excellent durability and impact resistance and allow the instrument to measure right to the bottom of a blind hole. • Large LCD digits of 8.5mm height for error-free reading. • 330-degree rotatable display unit for easy reading at any angle. • GO/NO-GO judgment function. • The ABSOLUTE linear encoder eliminates the fear of over-speed errors. • With SPC data output. • Setting rings for origin point setting are optional. • Can measure deep holes by attaching an optional extension rod. • Measurement can be taken closer to the bottom of a blind bore. • Supplied in fitted wooden case. This Kit includes: - Display Unit 568-015 - Adaptor Supplied -954595 - Individual Head No.-04AZB139,04AZB140,04AZB141 - Setting rings included 177-179,177-283. TECHNICAL DATA Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications Resolution: 0.001mm or .00005"/0.001mm Contact point: Carbide or titanium coating* (*over 12mm/.5" models) Measuring method: Three-point method Display: LCD Battery: SR44 (1 pc.) (938882) Battery life: Approx. 7,000 hours FUNCTIONS Zero-Set, presetting, GO/NO-GO judgment, power on/off, inch/mm conversion (inch/mm type only), SPC data output, data hold. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES 905338: SPC cable (1m / 40") 905409: SPC cable (2m / 80") 952322: Extension rod 100mm / 3.94" For range 6-12mm / .275-.5" models 952621: Extension rod 150mm / 5.9" For range 12-20mm / .5" - .8" models 952622: Extension rod 150mm / 5.9" For range 20-50mm / .8" - 2" models 952623: Extension rod 150mm / 5.9" For range 50-300mm / 2"-12" models

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