Megger MEBM11

MEGGER BM11 5KV Analogue insulation tester

MEGGER BM11 5KV  Analogue insulation tester
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Brand number :MEBM11

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MEGGER BM11 5KV Analogue insulation tester - S implicity and ease of use - User safety features - Unique rugged casing - Analogue display - Wide range of test voltages Description: The traditional BM11 instrument became the industrystandard 5 kV tester. It is battery-powered, housed in a rugged case and has a large, simple white-on-black scale. The BM11 incorporates a guard terminal to allow surface leakage to be removed and pre-set standard test voltages at 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V and 5000 V. APPLICATIONS: The BM11 is designed for testing the insulation of high voltage electrical equipment and the wide voltage range also allows it to be applied to low voltage equipment. Generators, motors, transformers, cables and switchgear all require effective maintenance and the BM11 gives valuable diagnostic information. ‘Spot’ Insulation tests that are the most widely used, check on the general condition of electrical insulation, called up in most standards covering equipment design, testing, installation and maintenance. Power Supply NiCd battery pack of 2 Ah capacity. Battery life: typically 8 hrs continuous (varying between 2 h and 20 h depending upon load conditions). Battery charging: built-in-charging unit, operating from 100 V to 250 V a.c. supply, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, charging time: 16 hrs. Low battery voltage indication: small oscillations of the pointer occur with an approx. 80% exhausted battery, large pointeroscillations occur when the battery must be recharged. Dimensions 344 mm x 245 mm x 158 mm (131.2 in x 95.8 in approx.) Weight 4,8 kg (101.2 lb approx.)

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