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Brand number :160-18

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DWYER 160-18 STAINLESS STEEL PITOT TUBE, 5/16" DIA., 18-5/8" INSERTION LENGTH Ideal for use with our precision manometers and air velocity gauges, Dwyer® Pitot Tubes are constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel for a lifetime of service. ASME design meets AMCA and ASHRAE specifications for maximum accuracy over a wide variety of flow conditions. No correction factors required as ASHRAE tip design yields a calibration factor of 1. ASHRAE design needs no calibration! Permanent, stamped insertion depth graduations on sides of 160 series facilitate accurate positioning. Static pressure port is parallel to sensing tube allowing quick, easy alignment of tube with air flow. Low sensitivity to misalignment gives accurate reading even when tube is misaligned up to 15 degrees. Various standard sizes are available for use in ducts as small as 4" dia. or as large as 36 ft. dia. A universal model fits user supplied 3/4" schedule 40 (standard) pipe in any length. Several convenient mounting options are available for permanent installations. FEATURES • No calibration needed. • Precisely located, burr-free static pressure holes. • Hemispherical tip design, best for accuracy if imperfectly aligned and nearly impossible to damage. • Long lasting 304 stainless steel construction. • Silver soldered connections for leak-proof operation. • ASME design meets AMCA and ASHRAE specification. • Coefficient of "1." • 5/16" models rated to 1500°F. • Extended static connection helps guide tip within recommended 15° of air flow direction. • Inch graduations on sides of 160 series to quickly determine exact insertion depth. • Dwyer® Air Velocity Calculator, direct reading flow charts and instructions included. • Use 1/8" models in ducts as small as 4", 5/16" models in ducts 10" or larger. • Optional mounting gland or split flange make permanent installation fast and simple. APPLICATIONS • Monitor or control static or differential pressure when combined with differential pressure gage, switch or transmitter.

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