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Primo number :FH5627A12D
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Brand number :5627A-12-D

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FLUKE-HART SCIENTIFIC 5627A-12-D SECONDARY PRT, 305 mm x 6.35 mm (12 x 1/4 in), -200 °C to 420 °C Durable PRTs with temperature range to 420 °C and accuracy to 0.025 °C • Vibration and shock resistant • NVLAP-accredited calibration included, lab code 200706-0 When buying a PRT or RTD temperature probe, performance isn’t the only criterion you need to look at. The real issues are price-to-accuracy and price-to-durability ratios. 5627A probes have a temperature range up to 420 °C and an accuracy as good as ± 0.025 °C. They come in three different lengths. (Both six- and nine-inch models cover –200 °C to 300 °C.) Each precision thermometer is shipped with its ITS-90 coefficients and a calibration table in 1 °C increments. One of the best features of this sensor is that it conforms to the standard 385 curve, letting you use your DIN/IEC RTD meters fully. Why use a precision thermometer or RTD temperature probe that’s less accurate than your meter? The 5627A is manufactured using a coil suspension element design for increased shock and vibration resistance. It has a mineral-insulated sheath with a minimum bend radius of 19 mm (3/4-inch) for flexibility and durability. (Bend, if any, should be specified at time of order.) Six- and nine-inch 5627A precision thermometers are calibrated at –196 °C, –38 °C, 0 °C, 200 °C, and 300 °C. For 12-inch versions of these precision thermometers, the point at 300 °C is replaced by a calibration point at 420 °C. Each probe is individually calibrated and includes a NVLAP-accredited report of calibration from the manufacturer, lab code 200706-0. This RTD temperature probe is an excellent value for a precision thermometer. It has the price-to-accuracy and price-to-durability ratios you should demand in all of the precision thermometers you buy!

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