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Primo number :DEHT4000F/PKG
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Brand number :HT-4000F/PKG

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DELMHORST HT-4000F/PKG THERMO-HYGROMETER - FLOORING PACKAGE • Bright, clear digital display. • Relative Humidity Range: 0% - 100%, sensor can be used for in-situ concrete testing following the ASTM F2170 standard • Temperature Range: -40°F - 255°F (-40°C - 124°C). • Dew Point Range: -40°F - 176°F (-40°C - 80°C). • GPP Range: 0.1 - 3820 GPP (Grains Per Pound). • GPK Range: 0.01 - 545 GPK (Grains Per Kilogram). • Vapor Pressure Range: 0 - 7 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch). • Vapor Pressure Range: 0 - 47 KPA (Kilopascals). • Built-in back-light makes reading in dark places a cinch. • Auto shut-off timer saves battery life. • Reading HOLD Feature. • Size: 8 ½” x 3 3/8” x 1 ¾”. • Weight: 11 oz. • Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use. • Sturdy plastic carrying case. • 9V battery. • 1-year warranty. The HT-4000F is a stand-alone thermo-hygrometer for flooring installers and restoration contractors alike. The HT-4000F has the same fast acclimating RH/T sensor found in our popular TotalCheck and Navigator Pro 3-in-1 moisture meters. For flooring contractors who prefer having separate meters to one combination meter, the HT-4000F is the perfect solution. The meter’s sensor is also detachable, making the HT-4000F ideal for testing a concrete slab according to the ASTM F2170 standard. HT-4000F PACKAGE VARIATIONS HT-4000F Flooring Package: Includes meter, carrying case, (2) RH/T-S2 sensors, (1) RH/T-C1 cable for easy reading while sensor is in concrete, and (5) CS-3 concrete sleeves for testing in multiple sites. Order as HT-4000F/PKG.

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