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ALL-SAFE PRO 31 WITH CONDITION CALCULATOR™ V4 SOFTWARE PASS/FAIL MOTOR AND WINDING TROUBLESHOOTING TOOL FOR MOTORS THE PERFECT TOOL FOR TROUBLE SHOOTING, START-UP & QUALITY CONTROL OF AC/DC ELECTRIC MOTORS, GENERATORS OR TRANSFORMERS • Trouble Shooting: Know in a few minutes what the problem is: electrical or mechanical, coil or rotor, internal fault or ground fault. • Start-up: Make sure all electrical motors are working in top condition. • Quality Assurance: Test all new/repaired and stored spare motors. • Light PdM: Also suited for limited, manual, Predictive Maintenance. REVOLUTIONARY TESTER GOES FAR BEYOND WHAT YOU CAN SEE W/ONLY A MEGOHMMETER! - Safe: De-energized testing - Easy: As easy to use as any Meg-ohm-meter - Light: One lb., handheld - Batteries last for up to 10 hours of testing - Best Value: Doesn’t cost more than a good meg-ohm-meter. Quick return on investment WHAT YOU WILL FIND WITH THE AT PRO® 31: - Turn to turn & coil to coil faults - Contaminated windings; grease, dirt & liquids - Phase Unbalance; Z-unbalance = higher electrical bill & shorter motor life - Open windings; no conductivity - Rotor faults; broken bars, air-gaps, casting voids, etc* - Insulation to ground faults; Choose 500 or 1000 volt test, read to 500 Meg-ohm - EMI numbers in mV shows whether readings are reliable, or not *A fast, easy and effective way to find broken rotor bars, eccentric rotors and casting voids. AT31 testing range is dependent upon motor, transformer, or generator design, but the AT31 has successfully tested AC motors of hundreds of horsepower in size. Instrument shows immediate results on screen, uploadable to software for further Analysis, Trending and Reporting. The ALL-TEST PRO 31 is the prefect tool for Trouble Shooting and Quality Control of de-energized motors, rotors, coils and windings. A must have tool for a serious electrician working with motors. No other testing equipment for electric motors, generators and transformers gives you a more accurate, easy to use and economical way to keep your motors and windings healthy. ------------------------ Keywords: Motor Maintenance and Verification

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