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Brand number :DM384

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UEi DM384 DIGITAL MULTIMETER, FREQUENCY, CAPACITANCE, AVERAGING • Backlit Display • 750 Volts AC and 1000 Volts DC • 10 Amps AC and DC • .01 µA DC resolution for flame safeguard circuit testing • Frequency to 40 Megahertz • Capacitance to 40,000 Microfarad • Resistance to 40 Megaohms • Analog bar graph • Continuity • Diode check function • MIN/MAX captures and data hold • CE and UL listed 600V CAT III • 5 Year limited warranty The DM384 gives you advanced troubleshooting technology for challenging tasks. It has numerous high-end features like MIN/ MAX capture for unattended measurement monitoring, capacitance for checking run/start capacitors, and frequency for quick verification of g e n e rators, inverters, and control circuit operation. The large LCD display has an electro luminescent backlight for easy viewing at a distance. The DM384’s combination of durability, visibility, and functionality are specifically tailored to meet the expanding needs of today’s HVAC/R technicians, plant maintenance professionals, appliance technicians, and electrician's. The DM384 is handheld, and battery powered. It is designed and tested to IEC 1010-1 (EN61010-1) standards, the EMC directive and other safety standards. It is rated to measure up to 1000 volts in a CAT- II environment and up to 600 volts AC and DC in a CAT- III environment. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Alligator Clips : AAC Screw-On Alligator Clips : AAC3 Fuse : AF38 Fuse : AF39 Gas Valve Thermocouple : ATHA1 Deluxe Test Lead Kit : ATL301KIT Test Leads : ATL55 Test Leads - Microwave Diode Booster : ATL60 Clamp-On Adapter for DMMs : CA30 - discontinued Milliamp Clamp-On Adapter for DMMs : CA30MA Capacitance Adapter for DMMs : CPA1 Micro Amp Adapter for DMMs : DLMAT2

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