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Brand number :3100 (2 Generation)

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MTP 3100 (2nd Generation) ELECTRICITY MONITORING SYSTEM - Measures: instant energy (kW), energy consumption (kWh), total cost ($ value), pollution (Kg CO2), averages, energy tendency, ambient temperature and relative humidity - Display: time/date, battery status (monitor & transmitter), backlight - Tariff rates: Two tariff setting modes. Time-of-use (TOU) and Normal-Meter-Pricing (NMP) - History: retrieve past information directly from the energy monitor - viewable by day, week, and month. Energy consumption (kWh), total cost ($ value), pollution (Kg CO2) - Alarm setting: adjustable alarm to indicate maximum energy consumption - Transmitter: single to three phase, transmission distance: 30 to 80 meters - This unit works on a single to three phase system (90V-600V) maximum of 200amps per clamp (contents of package includes 2 clamps. 3rd clamp sold separately) - Software: track energy consumption and view graphs directly from your computer - Error of margin: ± 8% - Monitor dimensions: 90 x 130mm - Clamp size: 18mm diameter - Battery and power supply Electricity Monitor. Save 5 to 20% on your electricity bill by taking control of your energy consumption!!! Advantages: - Take control of your electricity usage and monitor the cost of using your home appliances and lights - Discover and reduce the size of your carbon footprint - Can be connected to a single phase, a two phase or three phase system (3rd sensor 200A required optional) Included Accessories: Energy monitor, transmitter, 2 clamps, RJ45-USB data cable, power supply, manual (French and English), mini-CD for software, 2 batteries C ----------------------------------------------------- Keywords: Power Monitor System, smart meter, wireless monitor, wireless electricity, watt meter, saving energy, electric meter, energy monitor, electricity meter, electrical meter, electricity usage monitor, power consumption meter, home energy monitor, power measurement, saving electricity, home monitor, electricity consumption, electricity monitor, kilowatt meter, wireless monitors, energy use, electrical meters, wireless monitor system, wattage meter, home power monitor, energy monitoring, electricity energy, electric power meter, electric meters, power monitoring, electrical monitoring devices, electrical load monitoring, electrical consumption meter, monitoring power usage, energy monitoring solutions, residential electric meter, smart meter monitoring device, home energy display, house electricity meter, electricity load meter, home energy consumption meter, electrical check meter, electricity monitoring meters, power monitoring meter, power and energy meter, power quality monitoring equipment, power monitor system, monitoring power consumption, electric utility meter, electricity metering devices, MTP power meter, electricity metering systems, electricity meters, kilowatt power meter, ------------- Keywords: Instruments spécialisés

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