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Brand number :PRM-653

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COMPLETE WORKSTATION SET UP Prostat PRM-653 FEATURES: - Reflection breaking surface to reduce glare and improve operator comfort. - High resiliency for protection againstsmall collisions - High slip resistance - Very high heat and solder resistance - High chemical resistance - Oil resistance - Suitable for free laying (no adhesive required) - PVC Free - Compatible with continious monitors If you are handling sensitive electronics, manufacturing printed circuit boards or trouble shooting PCB board problems you need to be protected against electrostatic discharge. The PRM-653 Complete Workstation Set Up is perfect for repair depots, small manufacturing operations, individual workstations in large operations or hobbyists that wish to set up a protected work area. This complete ESD safe workstation set comes with a 2 foot by 4 foot pre-verified work surface with 2 ground snaps. It also includes a Sperry GFCI tester to verify your electrical outlet, a Prostat Corporation exclusive Q007B ESD Ground Connector that plugs into your 3rd wire ground to provide a safe ground connection. It also includes a ground cord that plugs into the Q007B and snaps onto the mat to provide a safe ground connection for the mat and the metal, adjustable wrist strap included. Everything you need to set up a professional ESD Safe work area. The pre-certified mat comes with dated verification paperwork. Need extra parts? All items can be purchase separately to fill in any workstation set up need you have. Make sure your work is protected against static discharge before you start working. CONSTRUCTION: STAT-MAT protects static sensitive products and devices as it is made of two layers of high quality Nytril Rubber, in compliance with the most stringent industry standards for ESD control. TOP LAYER: Static Dissipative layer to discharge static fields at the right speed, thereby preventing damage (grey). BOTTOM LAYER: Conductive layer to quickly drain to ground all charges filtered by the top layer (black).

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